Soft Skills

Task oriented skills

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LEARNING ATTITUDE: I am open to new things and learn from my successes as well as failures.I have a keen interest in new developments and information. To this purpose, I am able to acquire new knowledge and skills within a reasonable period of time.
LOGICAL THINKING: I draw correct conclusions from available facts. I can grasp relationships quickly and bring them to the point. I can handle numbers quickly and accurately.
CREATIVITY: I like to experiment and am willing to break new ground. I can develop unconventional, unusual new ideas and implement them accordingly. I am imaginative, have imagination and like to try new things.
PERFORMANCE: I am willing to take on work tasks voluntarily and with motivation, showing a high level of commitment. In doing so, I can produce good results, both qualitatively and quantitatively, without being discouraged by failures. I am able to motivate myself again and again, even after setbacks.
SELF-DIRECTION: I can independently identify work tasks and responsibilities for myself in my environment and develop steps to implement them. I plan and organize my daily schedule based on my personal goals; in doing so, I responsibly use my individual resources. In addition to my work requirements, I provide for balance and relaxation in order to take care of my own health.
ADAPTABILITY: I can adapt to changing conditions and cope well with changing situations. I respond appropriately to new challenges; I can fit in well with new teams.
TAKING INITIATIVE ACTION: I undertake things independently; I do not stop at ideas and wishes, but also put them into practice. I act out of pleasure in what I do and my abilities and on my own initiative.
DILIGENCE: I complete work assignments conscientiously, thoroughly, completely and reliably. In doing so, I also maintain an overview, I pay attention to orderly records and to the documentation of processes and important details.
DECISION-MAKING: I am aware of my own scope for decision-making and the responsibility associated with it. I gather information, develop alternatives, am able to prioritize and find a solution in a reasonable amount of time; considering potential consequences.
EXTENTION - DURABILITY: I can deal constructively with difficult conditions, such as great pressure, resistance, disruptions, etc.; likewise, I can perform well and successfully through extended periods of difficulty.
RESPONSIBILITY: I can assess the consequences of my decisions and form independent judgments. Therefore, I act prudently and thoughtfully, can take initiative in tasks, make decisions and take responsibility for the consequences internally and externally.
APPEARANCE: I can appear confident, trustworthy and convincing according to the situation. I know my personal impact and can consciously use it for a successful presentation.
: I am able to critically question my goals and my actions. In doing so, I am able to grasp cause-and-effect relationships. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I understand constructive criticism as an opportunity for my own further development and also obtain feedback on my own initiative.
ABILITY TO MOVE WITHIN STRUCTURES: I can recognize the structure of organizations and also where I can find the information that is important to me. I can recognize my place and act according to my position.
ASSERTION: I can confidently express an independent opinion that differs from others, arguing plausibly. I can also develop strategies to gain validity for my position, even against the interests of others.
AUTHENTICITY: Because of my natural behaviour, I am a credible and respectable person to those around me. I neither avoid certain situations nor pretend to others; I always try to be myself.
OWN RESPONSIBILITY: I know that I am responsible for my own life and decisions. This also means that every situation in my life is decisively shaped by my actions.
VERBAL EXPRESSION: I can bring thoughts, plans, goals, presentations to the point and explain them to others in an understandable and precise way. I limit myself to the essentials, but still express myself completely and clearly. My extensive vocabulary is available to me for this purpose. I form grammatically correct and complete sentences and can draw on a certain degree of repartee.
GOAL ORIENTED ACTION: I set challenging and achievable goals with appropriate steps for realization. I can also develop and agree on goals together with others. In addition, I do not lose sight of goals even in difficult situations or changing conditions and continue to pursue them with commitment within the given time frame.
SELF-AFFIRMANCE: I am convinced of my abilities and feel equal to the demands placed on me. Likewise, I am aware of my own needs and goals, can express them confidently, and can also represent them against the opinions and interests of others. In doing so, I clearly distinguish myself from others.

Social skills

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EMPATHY: I am interested in other people and their situation/difficulties. I can empathize with the problems of others. I can listen and pay attention to what and how others tell me. In doing so, I maintain enough distance not to take ownership of others' issues.
ABILITY TO MOTIVATE OTHERS: When I am convinced of something, I can inspire others to do it. I ensure a viable commitment to a performance by providing positive feedback and recognition of effort.
INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE: I am aware of the prevailing differences in different cultures and that political, economic, and social conditions influence thinking. I treat other cultures with appreciation and therefore, can communicate and work with people from other cultures.
COMMUNICATION SKILLS: I can both make contacts and initiate a conversation. Likewise, I can carry on a conversation with multiple partners or listen attentively to individuals or maintain a difficult dialogue. In addition, I convey appreciation and respect to my conversation partners.
RELIABILITY: I abide by the rules and agreements I have made with others. Others can rely on my statements; I complete my tasks with the promised quality.
CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: I can deal constructively with different points of view and interests in conflict situations; I recognize the causes of conflicts, can address different points of view, and am able to develop solutions in which no one leaves as a loser.
CRITICAL FACULTIES: I can address problems and feedback criticism of others or their work with appreciation so that it is acceptable and serviceable to the other person. I can accept other points of view and appreciate critical feedback.
TEAM CAPABILITY - COOPERATION CAPABILITY: I possess the ability to work fairly and collegially as a team to jointly define and achieve goals. I can fully commit myself to common goals. Furthermore, I can contribute my own skills constructively, but also deal with criticism. Furthermore, I can easily contribute my information and compromise in favour of common solutions. It is also not difficult for me to accept and offer support.
TOLERANCE: I see diversity as an opportunity for development. If I dislike others in their respective ways, I still accept them and allow other opinions and values.
NEGOTIATORY SKILLS: I develop strategies for my actions and appear confident and sovereign in negotiations and can represent my own interests well. I successfully and diplomatically reach a common result with my negotiating partners.


ANALYTICAL: I can grasp and organize extensive and complex interrelationships in a short time, filter out the essentials and present them in a generally understandable way.
ASSESSMENT: I possess the ability to evaluate situations, persons or processes from an appropriate distance and to assess them objectively and factually in such a way that consequences can be drawn from them.
ABILITY TO DELEGATE: I can distinguish between tasks that I can pass on to others and those I have to do myself. I can recognize the individual abilities of others and therefore pass on tasks according to their strengths. I trust others' abilities and that they will handle their tasks independently and be responsible for them.
ABILITY TO CONTROL: I can recognize tasks that need to be checked and perform a necessary level of control without being suspicious.
CONCEPTIONAL SKILLS: I can grasp a situation and draw adequate conclusions. I can translate ideas and perceptions into goals and content and develop appropriate action steps. In doing so, I also take into account the existing framework conditions.
CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: I can recognize customers/partners' needs and deal with them appropriately in terms of service and quality. I show appreciation for my customers; in doing so, I do not neglect my interests or those of my customers.
USE OF KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION: I know that I do not have to know everything; however, I know where to find which information. I can distinguish what is important from what is unimportant. I have an overview of others' tasks/interests and can provide them with my information in an appropriate form.
ORGANIZE/PLAN: I can translate goals into work tasks, making the best use of available resources. I incorporate the experience and consider future developments. I can coordinate various work tasks and sequence them in a meaningful way.
PROBLEM-SOLVING: I can identify what makes a problem a problem; in doing so, I can recognize the connections between cause and effect. Based on this, I can identify and evaluate the opportunities and risks associated with the problem and develop appropriate solutions while also involving stakeholders.
RISK OPPORTUNITY: I am willing to explore new and as yet untested avenues. In doing so, however, I proceed thoughtfully: I can assess the given situations properly, obtain information and involve experts in the decision. On this basis, I weigh up the opportunities and risks, and I am prepared to risk failure if it opens up new experiences.
RESILIENCE: I don't let myself get rattled even under heavy workloads, but approach my tasks systematically and with concentration. For me, this means that I can remain self-controlled and emotionally stable in the stressful situation and deliver as consistent a performance as possible. However, I also reduce the stress I experience by means of suitable (e.g. sporting) activities.
INITIATE AND IMPLEMENT CHANGE: I am open to new and unknown things. I see change as opportunities for the future. I like to develop new visions and am aware of the new conditions and associated new (solution) paths. I drive change without losing sight of the other stakeholders.
TIME MANAGEMENT: I solve set tasks and goals within the agreed time frame. For larger projects, I always develop a schedule and stick to it. Furthermore, I also make sure to allow myself time for recovery phases.
FUTURE MINDED - THINKING AHEAD: I view future trends as a challenge. I am able to anticipate future developments by gathering information and thinking for myself. I adapt my behavior to my own vision of the future.