Benjamin Sawicki

Manager with a background in electronic engineering and more than 15 years of proven start-up track record in multiple high-tech industries. Robust project management methodologies, intercultural expertise and hands-on mentality, broad all-rounder able to cope with complex situations calmly.

I believe in continuous improvement, fair play, boldness, taking calculated risks, rising to the challenge and loving it.

Management areas


From hardware, embedded systems, IoT devices, software platforms, automated test environments, mobile apps, windows tools, data centres, scripts, to big data analytic databases - I like to build digital systems.


As a script kiddie of the 90s, and LAN-parties taught me gaining and preventing unauthorized access in various systems. Today I'm more focused on organizational and theoretical aspects of information security.


Use scientific methodology, e.g. to optimize business processes. Get a prior understanding, setup hypotheses, build experiments, collect data, analyse results, present, discuss, and continuously improve.


Leadership skills and creativity tools allow me to foster innovation and build strong teams that pursue change for better. Broad international project management experience with inter-cultural sensitivity and focus on economic success.